Moms with Stickers! **New Printable**

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment


My daughter is in love with stickers. I think most kids are. They love the idea of getting a prize for something they’ve done right. (and I’ve quickly learned that candy is a baaaad idea…)

That’s why I have decided to implement the reward chart in my own house. When looking around for one to purchase, I was overwhelmed with the complexity and “un-coolness” of many of the charts I found. And, I wanted something I could restart every week or so… without using those darn erasable markers that never erase. Oh and it would be so cute to have my child’s name customized on it… So, I designed my own!
One thing I wanted was a chart that only focused on a few things at a time, but could be interchangeable with new tasks. Kids seem to respond better when they have a few issues you can focus on. Because of this, I designed a blank chart and then separate labels (see link for label options) that you could change out with the tasks you were focusing on. I came up with the normal kid tasks that seem to be what most moms deal with, but these are completely customizable if you would like! There are also a few blank ones for you to write in your own special ideas.

So here’s the plan:

1. Download the files from the website. *There are pink and blue color options.
2. Print off a few copies of each. (sidenote: if you don’t feel like going out and buying labels, just print them off on regular paper and tape them on… or use stickers!! Your kids would love that 😉
3. Pick the 5 areas you would like to focus on for the week and stick those on the chart.
4. Display in your child’s special place where they can admire their accomplishments.
5. Enjoy your perfectly behaved new child! (if only it were that easy…)
Yes, it might not be that easy– kids never are, but a little structure can be fun and rewarding.

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