About Us

What is Life?

Creativity + Organization =
A rare combination of unique ideas and the practical. Now get products, tools and tips from an inspiring source.

There are so many stylish organizational products are out there to buy these days— but then you try to use them and, although they look amazing, they don’t actually function in your real life. That’s where Life On Paper Co. comes in. Now you can have the functionality of well-thought out organizational products, with the trendy designs you have to come to love. Actually USE what you buy. What a concept.


About the Creator

Marian Briscoe received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and her MBA in accounting. This is a picture of the combination of organizational skills and creativity she possesses. In October 2010, she turned her passion into Life On Paper Co. In her spare time, she takes care of her daughter Emily and her husband Josh, and she works for a charitable foundation. She resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


Giving to those in need is at the core of who we are. At least 10% of our proceeds will go to non-profits we see changing the culture around us. Things we are especially moved by? Organizations that help the hungry, the downcast and the orphan.

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